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By Screenvision Media SVP of National Ad Sales Christine Martino

At our upfront event, I spoke about how the incredibly powerful experience of cinema is bigger than just two hours in the theater. Consumers opt-in, chose to engage – mentally, emotionally, and socially – with a great story, and it begins long before the theater. Only Screenvision Media gives brands the opportunity to tap into the entire movie-going experience through “Connected Cinema.”

“Connected Cinema” means relevant opportunities to interact with audiences before, during and after the show. It means reaching people in innovative ways, and advertising and sponsorship opportunities that create meaningful impact for brands. We announced our new cinema alliance with, which connects brands to the consumer every step of the moviegoing journey, Screenvision now unlocks this digital opportunity for our partners during the movie decision making process.

Thanks to the digital scale of, we can also provide advertisers with data for more precise targeting. That translates into advertising with greater impact. We have geo-fenced our theaters and now through the additions of beacons, we can verify a moviegoers location within our environment and encourage them to interact throughout. Additionally, through Shazam’s new visual recognition capabilities, we bring the world of augmented reality to life in this immersive environment.

Our partnership with TimePlay turns our big screen into an smart screen, allowing consumers to be in the driver’s seat and use their mobile devices to interact and engage with content and brands, in real time, in ways never before imagined. We also announced, an exclusive partnership with Edison X the technology that is bringing groundbreaking technology to the movies. Moviegoers can now shop the movie from their phone the moment it ends. The “Virtual Movie Gift Shop” gives consumers immediate access to everything – merchandise, products, music, deeper information on stars, as well as apps and games all to enhance the experience.

Last year, we announced Project Lynx to leverage data and analytics creating more value for our partners. This year through the success of Project Lynx, we know more than ever about moviegoers’ beliefs, values, and most of all how brands can interact with their experience at the movies. Additionally, through our partnership with SITO Mobile, we now know with certainty where moviegoers go and shop right after the movies. This level of mobile access gives us behavioral insights and opens up creative opportunities for retargeting, outside of the theater. We also announced that Screenvision Media, for the first time ever, will get our upfront partners into the movies via an exclusive exciting partnership with Branded Entertainment Networks (BEN).

Through our relationship with BEN, Screenvision Media will allow brands to play a leading role in premium entertainment content with true product integration and the opportunity to fully surround a film, before, during, in-the-movie, and after! With Screenvision Media’s “Connected Cinema,” there are more exciting opportunities for brands to make a valuable, lasting impact throughout the cinema experience.

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