Cinema advertising with Screenvision Media is much more than simply displaying your local ads or national ads on the big screen. Rather, we extend local and national advertising beyond the big screen, giving brands the opportunity to tap into the entire movie-going experience through “Connected Cinema.” Connected Cinema, the most innovative advertising strategy, means relevant opportunities to interact with audiences before, during and after the show. The end-to-end impact of your brand’s local and national ads starts at the moment of purchase on Movietickets.com and keeps going through innovative lobby experiences and onto the big screen. We transform the forty-foot screen into a smart screen, allowing for interactive game play and storytelling. Then, through mapping and re-targeting of moviegoers after the film, we extend the experience to keep the conversation going, even after they leave their local movie theaters. Engaging moviegoers every step of the way across multiple touchpoints, this platform is among the most comprehensive, wide-ranging advertisement ideas.

With the support of all our strategic partnerships, Screenvision’s Connected Cinema platform is one of the most effective types of advertising – it drives purchase, it drives ROI. Based on the latest numbers, when a brand has a minimum of two exposures through Connected Cinema, brand lift increases from 7% to 17%. Connected Cinema is not just an advertising strategy – it’s an experience.


Screenvision Media reinforces targeting capabilities with Cintel, a premier technology provider and advanced targeting tool. The proprietary tool is fueled by input from a variety of third parties including Nielsen and Movio, along with information gathered from first party data sources. Through Cintel, brands will have the ability to target their national, local, and regional advertising based on behavioral and psychographic data, in addition to movie genre and demographics.


Screenvision provides your brand with one of the most precise ways to advertise, thanks to Cintel’s targeting capabilities. Ultimately, your business can build more effective ads by delivering your message to the right audience – one that is in the market for your product.


Going to the movies begins well before you step foot in your local movie theater. Screenvision’s cinema advertising connects your brand to consumers from the moment they first think about going to the movies, as they watch trailers, research show times and buy tickets. Through our alliance with Movietickets.com, a leading global provider of remote movie ticketing, Screenvision will reach moviegoers online and in-app during the movie selection and decision-making process so your national ads and local ads are front and center at point of purchase for movie tickets.


Whether teasing a brand’s cinema content, promoting a sweepstakes or social initiative, or precisely targeting an audience through consumer data, Movietickets.com is where brands extend reach and receive peak engagement with moviegoers like never before.


Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps used by hundreds of millions of people each month to magically connect to the world around them. Shazam enhances movie theater advertising, as Screenvision taps into the mobile app’s enhanced audio and visual recognition capabilities.


Through audio, visual and beacon technology, lobby assets come to life and drive unique mobile results. Once moviegoers enter the theater, on-screen content is amplified through audio technology and delivers an engaging mobile experience to the audience.


After your Shazam-enabled national or local advertising has run on-screen, your brand now has the opportunity to re-target moviegoers who have already engaged with your brand to continue the engagement and interaction after they leave the theatre.


TimePlay is an award-winning technology media company specializing in operating a unique multi-player platform in cinemas, arenas, and other venues worldwide. To extend in-theatre engagement, Screenvision Media forged an alliance with TimePlay, which puts the moviegoer in the driver’s seat to control and impact the action on the screen through their mobile device. Brands will be able to integrate into our Front + Center preshow with interactive experiences such as branching video and multi-player gaming with leaderboards and prizes.


With TimePlay, your brand can star in a first-of-its-kind cinema experience that invites moviegoers to use their smartphones to interact with brand content and other moviegoers in real time.

This exclusive technology is available in up to 1,000 of our screens nationwide and delivers brands 86% ad awareness for a TimePlay-enabled brand ad. Not only is this one of the most fun advertisement ideas, it produces truly effective ads.

SITO & Mobiquity

SITO is a leading mobile proximity media company that serves 150 billion mobile ads per month and reaches 95% of all smartphones. Partnering with SITO enables Screenvision’s advertisers to achieve greater precision in pointing and customizing their national ads and local ads for cinema audiences.


Using geo-fencing to create a virtual “fenced in” area that the moviegoer enters upon departing the theater, coupled with beacons, which interact with the audiences’ smart devices as they exit the theater, enables immediate delivery of a relevant message. By using both the big screen and the personal screen, marketers can pinpoint and segment the market and create immediacy in their message delivery. For example, a retailer that ran regional advertising on the big screen can deliver a coupon with a short-term expiration to the personal screen, driving traffic to a nearby store location. Similarly, a restaurant that placed cinema advertising before the movie began can send another message, as well as discounts, once the movie ends. Additionally, through our partnership with SITO, we now know with certainty where moviegoers go and shop right after they leave local movie theaters. This level of mobile access gives us behavioral insights and opens up creative opportunities for retargeting, outside of the theater.


Mobiquity is a mall-focused beacon operator. Beacons are small devices that emit signals that reach mobile devices. Mobile devices then react to the signals and data is collected from the device. Beacon technology is the catalyst of connected cinema engagement, providing valuable marketing data about specific audiences and allowing your brand to market directly to your chosen demographic. You can target moviegoers who have seen your ad and capture audience information.


With the help of SITO and Mobiquity technology, your SVM campaign will engage moviegoers’ smartphones as they visit our theatres and use partner apps, producing the most efficient and effective ways to advertise.

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