By Screenvision CRO Katy Loria

We are living in the most dynamic media environment in history, which is certainly exciting, but the number of choices can make your head spin. At our upfront we showcased that all impressions are not created equal, and in this world of increased fragmentation, cinema – especially in the hands of Screenvision Media – really does create “Impact Like No Other.” It’s indisputable that premium video is king. It’s the most powerful component of a breakthrough media plan, and there is no video more premium than the movies. In fact, outside of live sports, cinema is the only vehicle that delivers large-scale, simultaneous reach.

Screenvision Media is excited to be part of a momentous time in the film industry. 2015 was a record year at the box office, analysts project 2016 will surpass last year, and the 2017 upfront slate is broad and deep, featuring outstanding franchises filled with superheroes, sci-fi thrillers, action films and love stories. Cinema is not only strong; it attracts premium audiences. They are young, affluent, and well-educated. They are tech savvy, early product adopters, who relish the social aspect of going to the movies and sharing the experience. They tend to watch very little TV, delivering a high proportion of unique viewers advertisers can’t reach anywhere else. All of this adds up to blockbuster scale and unduplicated, incremental reach.

Screenvision Media offers premium video, to the most desirable audiences in America, in our immersive theater experience. The result is moviegoers who are engaged, captivated and hungry for entertainment. Our growing national network of theaters consists of the most modern, innovative and comfortable venues nationwide. When our theaters comes to life, it is a fully uninterrupted, 100% viewable, distraction free experience, with no ad skipping or blocking. Our partner’s stories will not only be seen and heard, they will break through. And we’re incredibly proud to announce that for the first time ever, cinema is included in in Neilsen’s optimization tool, “Fusion.”

In working with Nielsen, we’re confident that cinema provides incremental reach and a unique audience. Armed with this new tool, we can provide advertisers with a single, integrated view of audiences and help optimize campaigns. The irresistible combination of premium video, the most desirable audiences in America, and an immersive theater environment defines Screenvision, and “Impact Like No Other” is the unmistakable result. We hope you will join us for the exciting year ahead. Stay tuned here and on twitter (@screenvisionllc) for more exciting news from our 2016 Upfront presentation.

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