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By Screenvision CEO John Partilla

At our upfront presentation today, I spoke about the unrivaled power of cinema and how Screenvision Media offers “Impact Like No Other.” We offer the most premium environment, the most premium video, on the most robust and impactful platform that exists anywhere.

It’s been a huge year of growth for us and one that was anchored in a challenge to take a fresh look at our business and how we could radically grow the value we offer consumers and brands through the cinema platform experience.

By asking questions we never asked before, and shifting our lens to the consumer perspective, we re-tooled and re-engineered with cutting edge innovations and brand new offerings. We’re no longer just about going to the movies, we’re about an unmatched screen, and beyond the screen, experience.

At Screenvision Media we can connect and engage with movie fans throughout the entire moviegoing journey. As our upfront event unfolds, you can follow the news here or live on twitter @screenvisionllc as we’re making a series of announcements tonight.

In addition, here on LinkedIn, my key executives will share how our new partnerships marry Screenvision Media with state of the art innovations in technology, data, content, creativity, and commerce.

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