New York, NY – (Oct. 6, 2011)

Screenvision, a leading innovator in cinema advertising, announced today a new agreement with Before The Movie, a local cinema advertising company based in Vacaville, CA. Before The Movie represents three exhibitors within California, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho which are Brenden Theatres, Cinema West and Santa Rosa Entertainment Group. Before The Movie handles 33 locations representing 329 screens, which includes 25 screens in the Los Angeles DMA (#2), 116 screens in the San Francisco DMA (#6) and 84 screens in the Sacramento DMA (#20). Additional DMAs are Las Vegas, Fresno, Palm Springs and Eureka.

Screenvision will have exclusive national selling rights at all BeforeTheMovie represented locations. Screenvision’s inventory will total five (5) minutes, all exhibited within the last seven (7) minutes of the preshow.

“The agreement with BeforeTheMovie expands our footprint in key markets on the West Coast,” said Darryl Schaffer, Executive Vice President, Operations and Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision. “We are delighted to provide engaging advertising to BeforeTheMovie exhibitor partners.”

“We are thrilled about our strategic collaboration with Screenvision,” said Corey Tocchini, President and CEO of Before The Movie. “They are the perfect partner to provide an additional revenue stream to our exhibitors. This partnership allows BeforeTheMovie to offer exhibitor partners the best of both worlds, strong local advertising and exclusive BTM content along with national advertising thereby increasing the payout to the exhibitor while maintaining a strong local and community presence, it’s a win, win, win.”


Headquartered in New York, N.Y., Screenvision is a national leader in cinema advertising, offering on-screen advertising, in-lobby promotions and integrated marketing programs to national, regional and local advertisers and providing comprehensive cinema advertising representation services for its theatrical exhibitor partners. The Screenvision cinema advertising network is comprised of over 15,000 screens in 2,300+ theatre locations across all 50 states and 94% of DMAs nationwide; delivering through more than 150 theatrical circuits, including 10 of the top 15 exhibitor companies. For more


BeforeTheMovie (BTM) is an industry leader in providing cinema preshow services to independent theater circuits on the west coast. The company focuses on providing entertaining content and advertising sales with an emphasis on each local market it serves. Through it’s partnership with Screenvision, BeforeTheMovie also offers it’s theatre clients between 3-5 minutes of national advertising depending on their individual desires. The BTM preshow now airs on 329 screens in CA, NV, CO and ID and plays to an estimated 10 million viewers annually. BTM is the exclusive preshow provider for the following fine independent circuits:

Santa Rosa Entertainment Group – Cinema West – Brenden Theatres

BeforeTheMovie also provides HD production services, various custom content pieces and motion graphic ad creation to additional independent theatres in CA, NY, SC, PA and TX.

For more information regarding BeforeTheMovie, contact:
Corey Tocchini, CEO  707.447.3281 or    707.975.0585       or visit their website at:

For more information regarding Screenvision, contact:

Caroline Kasabian

Jeffrey Klein/Ann Hinshaw
Dan Klores Communications

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