Cinema advertising with Screenvision Media

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Reach the moviegoer—
Anytime, Anywhere

In today’s media landscape, attention is key. Advertisers must adopt new strategies to cut through the clutter and deliver their message effectively.

Attention is derived by reaching the moviegoer—on the screens they want to watch.

Screenvision Media Local/Regional provides brands with a powerful offering that reaches moviegoers—anytime, anywhere.


14,000+ Screens
2,300+ Theatres

Tell your story on the biggest screen in town. Brand messaging is interspersed with entertainment content, allowing advertisers to become part of the cinematic experience.


1,500+ Screens
500+ Theatres

Make the first and last impression with moviegoers. Our strategically placed Digital Lobby screens capture moviegoers’ attention both before and after the show.


Network Apps

Reach entertainment seekers in the comfort of their homes. Our proprietary CTV platform allows brands to reach their target audiences with precision and scale.


Mobile Apps

Reach moviegoers, anywhere they go. Our state-of-the-art mobile retargeting platform extends your brand’s message from the big screen onto moviegoers’ personal devices.

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Reaching beyond the theatre

Our impact doesn’t stop there. 84% of moviegoers visit other businesses before or after seeing a movie.

We have 29,000+ digital-out-of-home screens waiting to greet them in bars, restaurants, and physician & veterinarian offices.