Local Advertising

Cinema is the perfect fit for local and regional advertising. Local movie theatres draw people from your targeted business area. Most local businesses draw their customers from a fairly small geographic area, a radius of 20 miles or less. 95% of moviegoers will travel up to 20 miles to visit a movie theatre. While other types of advertising reach consumers well beyond your market area, cinema advertising is very efficient in its coverage.

Movie theater advertising is more efficient than ever by providing businesses the opportunity to buy by demographic. For precision demo-targeting, we drill down to your target by harnessing the power of our research partners, identifying films that appeal to your key demos and then providing program schedules tailored to reach your desired demographic. Your local ads will be effective ads by delivering your message to the right audience – one that is in the market for your product.

National Advertising

Give your brand the big screen treatment it deserves. Whether you want to simply run your newest spot on the biggest screen in media, or create custom cinematic content, we’ll help you engage with our influential audience of moveigoers nationwide.


On Screen

Whether you’re looking to run: 05 interstitials, 2:30 content segments or anything in between, we’ll provide your brand with exposure on the biggest screen in media.

  • Interstitials
  • Spots
  • Content

Theatre Lobbies

Extend your national ads or local ads beyond the screen with our in-lobby offerings. Screenvision Media’s interactive capabilities offer unique ways to advertise, allowing your business a chance to engage with customers on a deeper level. The mindset of the moviegoer is unlike any other in media and on average spend 12 minutes or more in the lobby before the movie starts. From static clings and LED backlit posters, to digital kiosks and branded concessions, the opportunities to communicate your message before the movie are optimal advertising ideas.

  • Digital Kiosks
  • Exit Sampling
  • Handouts
  • Counter Cards
  • Posters
  • Branded Concessions

Interactive Solutions

Create buzz for your brand with cutting-edge programs that allow moviegoers to interact directly with your message on the big screen and beyond.

  • Control the Screen
  • ACR
  • SMS
  • Motion Capture
  • Interactive polling


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